About Me

Hi, I’m Frank Pennetti.  I’ve been an attorney for 20 years and have worked in various lawyer roles as a public defender, guardian ad litem staff attorney (advocate of abused children), and foreclosure defense attorney.  When not working as an attorney, I worked in technology positions.  These included being a university computer support specialist and a content manager for an e-commerce company.  When, in the early days of the Internet, they made print reference books that were directories of web site addresses, I was an editor of a company that made those.  So I always liked working in the law and tech sectors.

When I started working as a law librarian and attending an online college program to get my masters in information science, I started organizing and bookmarking all kinds of web apps and tools you can use for free.  This site is my effort to show lawyers what these tools are and how to use them to market their practice.

Too often it seems that lawyers either pay for a really expensive web presence through some sort of agency or consultant, or they settle for just a do-it-yourself bare-bones site and LinkedIn profile.  Hopefully I can introduce lawyers to lesser-known web services that are free and fun to explore, will make their content more inviting and sticky, and will ultimately get them more interaction with potential clients.

Feel free to contact me and let me know if you use any resources or tools that you think should be part of the course.  Thanks for visiting and best wishes!